KleanKanteen Food Canister 473 ml - brushed

Tare It Up™ bulk-ready Klean Kanteen canisters keep your food or dry goods fresh and tasty. Grease pencil friendly, simply mark...

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ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle

Dimensions: width approx. 12,5 cm, lenght approx. 17.5 cm, deep approx. 5 cm. The ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle has the largest single-compartment...

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Bamboo Lunch Box

Sustainable. This lunch box from swiss Advance is made of 100 % natural materials. Bamboo is very fast growing and one of the hardest...

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ECOlunchbox Oval & Snack Cup

This 2-piece lunch set includes a large oval container plus a smaller cup with leak-proof silicone lid that's ideal for sauces,...

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ECOlunchbox Tri Bento

Diameter 13,4 cm, heigt 13,4 cm, weight ca. 450 g. Stacking and packing a healthy lunch is as easy at 1-2-3 with our elegant ECOlunchbox...

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ECOlunchbox 3-IN-1 SPLASH BOX

With its modular design and leak-proof lids, the 3-in-1 Splash Box is a three-piece set that stacks and nests. It’s a powerful plastic-free...

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