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Handkerchief, small 35 x 35 cm

From the second hand market, irregular sticking, but new cloth, hand made, with little imperfections.

CHF 2.50

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Handkerchief, big 40 x 40 cm

From the new cloth with minor errors, hand made, with imperfections and irregular sticking.

CHF 3.00

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Household sponge - flowers

sponge cloth for kitchen and household, in natural cellulose and cotton fibre. Very absorbent and lasting.

CHF 3.50

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Household cloth - dusty pink

Household cloth in 55% linen and 45% cotton. Absorbent cloth with a long life-span. Washable at 60°C. Brand: DISKDUKAR d'iris hantverk....

CHF 7.20CHF 6.00

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Mono White Snack Bowl

You will be surprised how light and space saving this stakable coconut bowl is. This product is suitable for food. It is completely...

CHF 13.00CHF 7.00

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Fabric for Furoshiki 100 x 100 cm

Fabric, can be used for furoshiki (see picture) or tablecloth, washable, 2nd hand

CHF 9.00

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Bath brush

Material: horse hair -> it is soft and pliable while it is sturdy and durable and has a certain elasticity. Along with a good soap...

CHF 18.90

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