Bamboo Lunch Box

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Bamboo Lunch Box
  • Weight: 400 g
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Zero Waste Kitchen and Take Away

Sustainable. This lunch box from swiss Advance is made of 100 % natural materials. Bamboo is very fast growing and one of the hardest wood types. Moreover it is antibacterial by nature. A privately owned company in Vietnam is producing the food container for “swiss Advance” by hand with care. They use 100% natural materials for production: bamboo, rice powder and natural rubber. The bamboo is sourced near the local village. The next thing is that they cut into fine stripes which are glued back together, after bringing it in the right shape. Because they are using only natural products the glue is a mixture of water and rice powder. For the finish it is carefully polished. That is closing all pores. That makes it water-resistant as well as dirt-repellent.


Perfect to take for lunch or a snack in school, office, for a pic-nic, on a hike or simply as a storage container for food (also in the refrigerator). By the way the bottom part is a bowl and the lid is a plate.


Without plasticizers:Unfortunately the most food containers contains plasticizers. They are suspected of being carcinogenic. Our bamboo made Bento and lunch box is a perfect alternative.
Measures:180 x 180 x 70 mm
Capacity:500 ml
You get:– one bamboo made lunch box – 2 natural rubber bands plus 2 extra as reserve – one cotton vegetable and fruit net

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